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Thank you to everyone who attended our screening of the 2009 Drake Magazine Fly Fishing Tour, this past Wednesday at the Magnolia Theatre. We had close to 500 folks in attendance, with a good number stopping by the shop for “pre-game” festivities! We should have a great spread of photos coming soon, thanks to one Shannon Drawe, who put together a cool little montage on his blog, Texas Fly Caster.

Folks getting seated in Theater 1. Photo by: Matt Jones

For those who were unable to grab one at the theatre, we have a small selection of the “official” t-shirts still available, either at the shop or the Twin Tail Clothing Company’s website HERE for $10. If you would like us to put one aside for you, just give a shout.

The Official Drake Film Tour Shirt from Dallas. Photo by: Matthew Jones

We hope you all had as wonderful a time at the show as we did, and look forward to seeing you all again at next year’s show, and in the shop for Christmas!


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