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Today we received a brand new batch of YETI coolers which included a new size and color.  The new 50 qt. size is now available in UT ORANGE for all you longhorn fans out there.  If you want one, you better come and get it, FAST!  This cooler is selling for $299.95.  We also have a great stock of white and tan in various sizes.  Give is a shout!  214-219-2500.

UT ORANGE YETIs amongst our normal stock


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The elderly chocolate lab here at the shop recently had his 13th birthday.  He spends everyday here at Tailwaters Flyfishing Co. and represents it well.  Ace is usually found sleeping due to his old age, but will randomly appear when you are eating lunch.  Shocker, huh?  Ace has a keen sense for all the soft spots in the shop.  If we put a soft product out on the floor, he will be the first to claim it as his sleeping mat.  On Monday we placed a few sale shirts in our mini Hyde drift boats, and sure enough, ol’ Achy was the first to make a bed out of it!!

Ace sleeping in the mini Hyde

Close up

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Hello All!

As scary as it is, December is here, and that means two things –

One: the shop is again in full Christmas mode

Santa Poon. Photo by: Matt Jones

Two: our annual Christmas party is approaching quickly on Saturday, December 12.

This year we have changed it up a little bit! Instead of the normal catered goodies, each of the staff members will be preparing a chili of their choosing for you to judge. Since we all think our recipes are the best, we’ve decided to let you all be the judge! For those non-chili folks, we’ll have hot dogs, and very likely a fried turkey if Mr. Leake has his way.

We look forward to seeing you all!!

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