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TFO has Gone to the Dogs!

One great thing about being in this line of work is that you get to bring your dog to work. Check out the good pups watching over the loading docks of Temple Fork Outfitters.


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If you guys haven’t heard of, or seen Once in a Blue Moon I would recommend getting on it, fast.  A few copies showed up on our doorstep here at Tailwaters last week and we couldn’t resist.  We popped it in, and the video looped all day.  I honestly wasn’t tired of it at the end of the day.  So, for those of you that need another fly fishing video in your life, check out the clip below, then call us and buy one. (214)-219-2500

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A True Tier’s Bench

The Ultimate Tier's Bench. Photo by: Jeff White

A view of the workbench that yields such wonders as the Messy Craw (see below) – There is so much that is right with this picture – Beer in a Tailwaters Coozy – check. Not one, but TWO Softex bottles open to add to the ‘creative’ juices – check. Dual vises at the ready – check. It’s no wonder Jeff comes up with some really unique and creative flies – I thought it was his brain, when it’s actually the Softex fumes…….

I challenge our readers to send us a picture of your bench at work – if it makes the cut, I will post it and you will live in infamy at Somethin’s Fishy.

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Go Pro- HERO

A friend of mine turned me on to a pretty incredible little toy yesterday.  Being the camera geek that I am, I have now become obsessed with it, and unfortunately will purchase it.  As a photographer (soon to be videographer as well) I am constantly conjuring ideas for fresh material.  Different angles, different gadgets, ect. all for the sake of producing an image that hasn’t been seen before. That’s the goal anyways. So, when I took a look at the Go Pro HERO HD video camera and it’s capabilities, I was blown away.  Not only is this camera down right sick, it is under $300 buck. It shoots in 1080p, 960p, and 720p.  In the two lower resolutions the lens achieves an incredibly wide angle of view at 170 degrees. In 1080p, you still go wide, but cut down to 127 degrees. Did I mention it goes underwater with it’s housing? Another cool part about this little guy is all the mounts you can purchase for it.  Wrist mounts, suction cup mounts, blah blah blah.  You can strap this camera to anything.  What does that mean for me? I will have the ability to get crazy angles on the entire fishing experience.  With a chest mount, shooting with 170 degrees of view, I can capture some pretty sweet stuff.  Two trips are heading my way, Louisiana redfish and Los Roques, Venezuela.  I will be sure to capture some fun and crazy angles for your viewing pleasure, and of course my typical still photography. Be sure and check these little (literally) guys out at http://www.goprocamera.com and check out the sample surf video below!!!

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One of my best friends and fishing buddies Jeff (el Jefe) White has developed (amongst all his other crazy, softtex-high-induced patterns) a crawfish streamer that is like no other. Dubbed the “Messy Craw,” it looks like a whole lot of nothing until it hits the water, and then it becomes a bass/trout/carp/anything slaying machine. Featured in Flick Ford‘s Book Fish, this bass assassin is totally alive, and definitely a killer pattern.  Jeff currently resides in the hills (i.e. sticks) of East Tennessee, fishing every tailwater within 100 miles, and begrudgingly raising chickens. If you wish to thank him for this contribution, gifts of live Warren Zevon show recordings and decent (or cheap, he doesn’t discriminate) beer are always appreciated. Here’s a step-by-step guide to tying this bad boy.

The Messy Craw. Photo by: Jeff White

Messycraw (Orange Phase)


Hook: Daiichi  2461 #2 Black Aberdeen or Equivalent

Thread: Uni Orange 3/0

Eyes: Medium Lead Dumbell

Rubber legs: Orange and Pumpkinseed

Marabou:  Orange and Olive/Brown

Body: Brown Chenille or Brown Aunt Lydia’s rug yarn

Flash: Flat Thin Gold Flashabou


Step 1: tie in medium lead eyes one eye length behind hook eye

Step 1. Photo by: Jeff White

Step 1. Photo by Jeff White

Step 2.  Tie in 1 orange rubber leg and one pumpkin seed rubber leg at the bend of the hook. Fold over and cover with thread.

Step 2. Photo by: Jeff White

Step 3. Tie in one orange and one olive/brown marabou plume and palmer together at the bend of the hook.

Step 3. Photo by: Jeff White

Step 3.1. Photo by: Jeff White

Step 4. Cross Wrap orange and pumpkin seed rubber legs one-third back from the hook eye and ½ back from the hook eye.

Step 4. Photo by: Jeff White

Step 5. Tie in brown Aunt Lydias rug yarn at the hook bend and wrap forward to hook eye.

Step 5. Photo by: Jeff White

Step 6. Tie in 1 orange and one olive/brown marabou plume in front of the lead eyes and palmer around the hook.

Step 6. Photo by: Jeff White

Step 7. Tie in 5 strands of gold flashabou at the hook eye extending to the marabou tail.  Tie off and secure with cement.

Step 7. Photo by: Jeff White

Tying this pattern in a “blue phase” has also been pretty damn effective. Here is the recipe, the steps are identical:


Hook: Daiichi  2461 #2 Black Aberdeen

Thread: Uni Olive 3/0

Eyes: Medium Lead Dumbell

Rubber legs: Blue/Silver Flake and Pumpkinseed

Marabou: Blue/dun and olive/brown

Body: Olive Chenille

Flash: Flat Blue Flashabou

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Anyone seen my arm?

A guy in South Carolina went to fetch his golf ball when he hit it into the drink…  Safe to say his golfing career is over.  One more reason to go fly fishing instead.  Check out the article: 


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