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Now that the warmer weather is here, it seems everybody is getting out and chasing fish in our local ponds and lakes –  here are a few pictures to celebrate some of our warm water friends…….

G-Man (Gunnison Hays) with his FIRST bass on the fly!! Photo by: Joel Hays (aka Proud Papa)

......not to be outdone, Dad whacks a big one. Photo by: G-Man Hays

Ron Foster holds a BIG bream - check out the purple! Photo by: David Leake

Another bream witha HUGE tail - crazy fun on a 3-wt! Photo by: David Leake

Ron Foster and I with one of our many doubles for the day. Photo by: David Leake

One of the more colorful guys I caught. Photo by: David Leake

One of the more colorful guys I caught. Photo by: David Leake

Brent Boone cooking up some "Cowboy Chow" on the dock - notice the kick-ass Tula he's rocking! Photo by: David Leake


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Shop regular (and our favorite curmudgeon) Bill Seals had a fantastic day out on the Brazos river yesterday, catching a multitude bass, culminating in a monster Smallmouth Buffalo. These guys are basically freshwater Permit, and hooking one is enough of a challenge, let alone landing one of this caliber. Great job Bill!

Bill Seals holds a huge Brazos Buffalo.

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Hybrid Action!!

I had the chance to go fishing with my buddy Lane Kregel yesterday on a Lake Lewisville tributary for White Bass and Hybrids (Wipers, for you Yankees). Lane was racking up the fish count on the Whiteys with his own clouser pattern. Finally, just as we were about to call it a day, I stuck this monster on a white Meat Whistle – somewhere in the 7lb range, and man did he make my drag sing! It was nice to finally see what my 6-wt BIImX could do – that baby is a fish fighting monster! A great day, and I hope to get out there with him again soon!

Nice Hybrid. Photo by: Lane Kregel

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