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My real good buddy and Somethin’s Fishy regular Jeff (el Jefe) White sent me this photo today – it is of a Tailwaters T that I gave him recently. Other than being awesome, I do question when he has the time for such hippie-esq tasks, as he should be on the Delaware River guiding…….

Tailwaters goes Tie-Dye. Photo by: Jeff White


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Free Beer, Free Mud-bugs, and a Free Yeti - what could be better? Artwork by: Matt Jones

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The whole crew. Some of us (you know who you are!) were unable/unwilling to heed the warning on the sign. Photo by: Bart Larmouth

This past April I had the pleasure of traveling to the Woodland Plantation to celebrate the last days of my buddy Jonathan’s bachelor-dom, and catch some fish while we were at it! This trip brought together his friends and family from down here in the south, and back up in the northeast – with New Jersey represented strongly. We had three nights of great food and revelry, and managed to fit some fishing in on Friday and Sunday. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate on Saturday (thunderstorms and 60-70 MPH gusts), so we had a much-needed respite sitting on the porch of the ‘Big House’ playing cards, dominoes, and taking in the wildlife (read: Gators)…..along with copious amounts of cigarettes (D.F.), SoCo, and Miller Lite. For those who aren’t aware, the big house at the Woodland is the building gracing the cover of the Southern Comfort Bottle, circa 1840s. VERY cool. Instead of writing a memoir about the trip, I thought I would let some of the photos do the talking.

Just before take-off! Photo by: Some guy on the tarmac

In-flight shenanigans. Photo by: Jonathan Price

Let’s just say the van ride to the plantation was….interesting. Photo by: Bart Larmouth

My boy John and I upon arrival. Photo by: Andy Price

The bachelor - Jonny - showing me how it's done. Photo by: Bart Larmouth

Final score on Sunday: JP 2, Bart 0. Photo by: Bart Larmouth

Nice tail shot of JP's fish. Photo by: Bart Larmouth

Product shot to make John Torok at Hatch very happy. Photo by: Jonathan Price

The only thing Tom caught on Friday. I guess I'm just bad luck. Photo by: Bart Larmouth

A little closer look…. Photo by: Bart Larmouth

Preston Smith with a monster. Mike Waite (aka Mad Max) observes. Photo by: Preston Smith

Mike Waite got in on the action too. Photo by: Preston Smith

Andy Price with a Speckled Trout. Photo by: Kyle Biery

Stuart with his football-sized red. Photo by: Preston Smith

Preston with another nice red. Photo by: The Stu

Who is that Masked Man? The guy who can't catch a fish in salt to save his life. Photo by: Jonathan Price.

The reason to stay out of the water. Photo by: Jonathan Price

Foster (Woodland's Owner) getting his 'buddy' to come up for a show. Photo by: Jonathan Price.

Foster's "middle child" - only about 10' long. Photo by: Jonathan Price.

Although rain-outs suck, the day CAN be made brighter.....photo by: Jonathan Price

Ready for dinner at Spirits Hall. Photo by: Jonathan Price

Another AWESOME dinner on our last night – a great way to end the trip! Photo by: Jonathan Price

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