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Wait, Ties You Say?

Yep. Ties. In a fly shop. But they are from Simms, so it’s ok. Really. So, for those of you who wear these things, they are here!

The one on the left isn't pink, my cell just takes poor pictures. Phot by: Bart Larmouth


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New Toys!

Fall is basically Christmas in the fly fishing industry – all the new goodies announced at the show start showing up at our doorstep, and Remy, our UPS guy is the best surrogate Santa ever. Today the Sage Train came for a visit! We received our first TXL-F (F for Four Piece) ultralight rods, two VXPs (a 5- and 8-weight), and the new 5-weight Xi3.

From the left: TXL-F in 00-, 2-, and 3-weights, VXP in 5- and 8-weight, and my favorite: a 8'9" 5-wt Xi3. Photo by: Bart Larmouth

We also now have two of the DXL line of luggage – the large waist pack with a TRUE waterproof zipper, and the DXL Boat Bag – one of the newest and freshest ideas in tackle storage. Oh yeah, and that’s waterproof too. C’mon down and take a look at them all!

Sage Typhoon DXL Large waistpack and boat bag. Photo by: Bart Larmouth

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Apologies on the length between posts folks – we have been ripping and tearing, rending and pulling, stripping and setting to bring you the new and improved: www.tailwatersflyfishing.com – head on over and check it out! Also, Tex Moore and I just had the pleasure of casting the new (and unbelievably hyped-up) Loomis NRX rods.

Tailwaters' new baby. Say hello.

After some reel-seat snafus, Shimano (Loomis’ parent company) is finally shipping these things. We currently have a 10 and 11-weight in stock, with a 5 and 8 to follow. So Tex and I took our new, stylish sunglasses and headed across the street to see exactly how overhyped these rods are.

Not the prettiest things in the world. Photo from G. Loomis

Well, I stand corrected. I took the first spin with the 11, which is generally just like casting a 12 – unpleasant, with a bit of concentration on form to keep from smacking your head. Well, not with this rod. It is a bit hard to articulate, but aside from ginormous amounts of power (and spell check actually accepts “ginormous” as a word now without me adding it – awesome), I felt like I was casting a 6-wt, at least technique-wise. The rod loads and unloads with ease – no need to put a ton of muscle to it, but it still had plenty energy and strength to yield screen-door loops with just a typical cast.

Specifically, the rod loads ‘normally,’ meaning more like a 6 or an 8 – you feel it bend, you begin the forward cast. Basically, no extra amount of thinking, concentration, or power needed. Tex picked up on this instantly, it took my brain a second to clue in, which I’m sure has nothing to do with the inordinate amount of girls in skirts and cowboy boots parading around for UT/OU weekend. I really can’t wait to see what the other weights have to offer!

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Just over a week ago, I had the pleasure of heading down to Port Sulphur, LA to FINALLY complete a Redfish trip that had been planned since January. Then re-booked due to weather. Then again due to weather. Then again due to weather. Then due to oil. My fishing partner Paul Wharton was starting to be convinced that I was in fact cursed when it comes to Saltwater. Well, the curse has been broken! With somewhere between 35-40 reds (and 1 Sheepshead!) in the boat over the course of 3 days, I’d call it a big success. There would be epic video of this trip to share, but someone whose name rhymes with “Cat Phones” left the camera’s power on when checking it for me prior to the trip. So, enjoy the still-photo fish porn below – not sure why WordPress insists on making our photos a bit blurry after they are uploaded, so I’ll apologize for that.

A big purpose for heading down to Louisiana was to gauge the mood and effect of the oil spill on the fishing. Well, after speaking with several guides and Woodland Plantation owner Foster Creppel, it’s confirmed – the worst thing for the area economy is the Media. Yes, the oil spill is certainly the worst ecological disaster we have ever faced as a country, and it will affect the Gulf region for generations, but contrary to what CNN would have you believe, the fish are alive and well, and fishing is great! The both the East and West Banks of the Mississippi are open to fishing,  and these guys (and our guide, Rich Waldner in particular) still know where those sneaky reds are hiding. So it is not all gloom and doom – the fish are there – go get them!

Please join us in supporting all the guides of Plaquemines Parish – book a trip to the Woodland through Tailwaters today!

Solid Gold. Photo by: Paul Wharton

Finally! It may be a little Rat Red, but the CURSE IS BROKEN! Photo by: Paul Wharton

Did I mention we fished 6-weights nearly the whole trip? Photo by: Bart Larmouth

These guys didn't fool around when they took our spoon flies. Photo by: Bart Larmouth

One of Paul's 6-pounders. *Moose knuckle omitted in order to retain our PG rating* Photo by: Bart Larmouth

Playing with the panoramic settings on my camera. Click the image to get a better look. Photo by: Bart Larmouth

More Pano love. Photo by: Bart Larmouth

Putting my "carp spotting" skills to good use. I always knew they'd come in handy. Thanks Joel. Photo by: Paul Wharton

Are they related?? That is definitely the same expression. Photo by: Bart Larmouth

Ok. Definitely related. Photoshopping by: Bart Larmouth

Trying to pimp Matt's hats. Photo by: Paul Wharton

Have I told you yet how much I LOVE my Winston BIImX 6? Photo by: Paul Wharton

Paul with his big boy from the trip. Photo by: Bart Larmouth

The Sheepshead - a.k.a. Shithead, since we saw so many and only caught this one. Photo by: Paul Wharton

This guy had some of the coolest purple iridescence . Photo by: Bart Larmouth

Can you say "Hillybilly Fish?" Photo by: Bart Larmouth

Nope. Not a hillbilly - he has all his teeth. Photo by: Bart Larmouth

Flying the team colors on the last day. Photo by: Paul Wharton

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Now that the warmer weather is here, it seems everybody is getting out and chasing fish in our local ponds and lakes –  here are a few pictures to celebrate some of our warm water friends…….

G-Man (Gunnison Hays) with his FIRST bass on the fly!! Photo by: Joel Hays (aka Proud Papa)

......not to be outdone, Dad whacks a big one. Photo by: G-Man Hays

Ron Foster holds a BIG bream - check out the purple! Photo by: David Leake

Another bream witha HUGE tail - crazy fun on a 3-wt! Photo by: David Leake

Ron Foster and I with one of our many doubles for the day. Photo by: David Leake

One of the more colorful guys I caught. Photo by: David Leake

One of the more colorful guys I caught. Photo by: David Leake

Brent Boone cooking up some "Cowboy Chow" on the dock - notice the kick-ass Tula he's rocking! Photo by: David Leake

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Shop regular (and our favorite curmudgeon) Bill Seals had a fantastic day out on the Brazos river yesterday, catching a multitude bass, culminating in a monster Smallmouth Buffalo. These guys are basically freshwater Permit, and hooking one is enough of a challenge, let alone landing one of this caliber. Great job Bill!

Bill Seals holds a huge Brazos Buffalo.

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One of my star casting students, Jenny Landry recently took a trip with her husband Brant to the flats of Belize searching for bonefish, and she caught plenty! I’ll preface these photos by saying I am not in the slightest surprised at how well she did – definitely one of the fastest learners of the double-haul I have ever seen! Needless to say, she is hooked – I hope her hubby realizes he’s just lost some serious time on the front of the boat. Great Job Jenny, and thanks for sporting the Tailwaters “team colors!”

Jenny Landry with one of many nice bones she caught in Belize. Photo by: Brant Landry

Jenny Landry with a Belizian Bonefish. Photo by: Brant Landry

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