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Lets rewind to February 3rd.  Boone and I have picked our day.  March 10th, 2009 is going to be the day of legendary proportion.  We will be traveling to the epic body of water known only to some as Fork.  The fabled waters’ of Lake Fork located in the epicenter of Texas bass fishing is where we are headed.  Our adrenaline will be pumping, our minds will be pale and weary from the grey winter of Dallas, and the little voice in the back of our heads will be saying “today is the day, be ready.” Spring will be in full stride and the bass will be shifting from their pre-spawn game of grab ass to the hard-core, sure thing, these eggs are mine spawn mode.  The males will be done big pimpin’ on their beads and the biotches will be locked down and pissed off at the underwater world in which they call home.  10 pounds is what we are chasing.  The program involves ripping 3-4 inch weed less bream and sunfish patterns past the ladies’ front doors, teasing them off of their cushy king sizes, then BAM!  Hold on to your 8 weights boys because she is playing for keeps.

Barometric Pressure as defined by Webster:  While on the rise, though harmless, beautiful, and comfy, will absolutely F*CK your fishing.

March 11th,  2009:

It is 38 degrees outside and the rain is coming down.  Needless to say, Fork won yesterday.  It was 80 degrees when Boone and I started yesterday morning.  We were chasing 10 and one fiver is what we got.  I feel as though I have said enough.

5lb 10oz Largemouth caught on Lake Fork

5lb 10oz Largemouth caught on Lake Fork


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