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Hi everyone! I want to thank everyone that has followed us at this blog. I’m so excited to inform everyone that we have now integrated the “Somethins Fishy” Blog into our shop website. The new location is here: http://www.tailwatersflyfishing.com/blog Please subscribe here if you would like updates on posts/comments!

A few of our favorite customers just returned back from a weeks worth of golden dorado fishing down in Argentina. I got a slim report, but it was a good one. They were on fish constantly and the largest weighed in at 42lbs! Check out these photos from their trip…

Rick holding a great last fish of the trip!

David Fosdick with a monster 42lb dorado!

Spring Time Bassin

Spring is just around the corner for all of us here in the South and I can hardly wait. Just thinking about getting out to do some bass fishing gets me super pumped up. I was cruising through some photos today and ran across a trip that a buddy and I took last Spring. We had been planning a Devil’s River trip for the past 6 months and when it unfortunately fell through, we decided to go test the waters of a beautiful river right in our backyard. The Brazos River happens to be that piece of water. Having heard so many good things about it from our customers we planned a three day float from the Hwy 16 bridge all the way down to Rochelle’s Canoe Rental.

via Spring Time Bassin – theflyphoto.com.


Three new custom Matt Jones-designed Buffs (one Tailwaters and two Twin Tails) just walked in the door – way cool Get Some Tail and Get Some Poon models as well as the new Tailwaters logo buff. Get ’em while they’re hot!

For those of you that haven’t had the chance to check out a YETI, I’m sorry. For those of you that have swung by the shop lately to purchase a YETI, I’m sorry again! The truth is, these coolers were without a doubt the most popular gift item for Christmas gifts and we simply haven’t been able to keep them in the shop! We will have about a dozen arriving on Wednesday, so if you want one, call us and put your name on it. Please always keep in mind that we are a short 3 hours from the YETI warehouse and can literally have your cooler within a day or two.

An update on back ordered coolers… The Real Tree Camo edition coolers: they won’t be available for at least another month. Please call us if you would like to order one for delivery upon arrival. Almost all the tan coolers are currently out of stock, again, call us if you would like an update or to order one for delivery upon arrival.

If you are out of town, remember, we off FREE GROUND SHIPPING through our website www.tailwatersflyfishing.com

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